The courage to explore

In order for us to truly achieve our full potential and live life in alignment with our true purpose, any healing should take into account all aspects of being, both internal and external, positive and negative.

If we are to accept ourselves completely we need to bring awareness to our shadow. Those parts we are ashamed of, those parts that disgust us, that we hate and wish we could destroy and get rid of forever. This process can lead us to discovering the light in our shadow. Here we house all of our unrealised strengths and potential, our creativity. Unfortunately we often project these qualities outwards and see them in others rather than acknowledge and embrace them as part of who we are.

The next step is a process of integration, whereby the shadow integrates the light and the light integrates the shadow. When we do this, when the polarities can be integrated, when the two can come into harmony, we create something else. This is where our creative potential is born, where the full expression of who we are has space to breathe. We are then more open to giving and receiving love and deeply knowing that the greatest love we can ever experience is the love we can feel for ourselves.

No shadow ever is, has been, or can be,
anything more or less than the goodness
that got lost, overburdened, or injured
along the way.

Angelina Mirabito, PHD

Together we can begin to explore the following:

  • Self-awareness / self-acceptance / self-worth
  • Self-empowerment
  • Defining and respecting boundaries
  • Acceptance of our own needs
  • Trust and connection to self and others
  • Being able to express emotions freely
  • Freedom in relating with others
  • Creative expression
  • Being in touch with and trusting intuition / inner knowing
  • Freedom of spontaneity
  • Greater flow of energy
  • Being balanced, centred and grounded
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Working through fear, guilt and shame
  • Openness to vulnerability, intimacy and love

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