Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

​​The 2016 General Data Protection Regulations require that I tell you how I protect your data. I intend this document to inform you of the data I keep electronically associated with our sessions together, including what I keep offline, as follows:

For more information please refer to the EU GDPR website:

Personal Data Processed and Stored

In my role as a psychotherapist in private practice I collect the following information which could identify you: your name, phone number, email address, and if appropriate your address and GP details. This is so that I have methods of contacting you.

This contact information is stored electronically on my computer in a file system that is encrypted using the open source software, Veracrypt. The file system is protected with secure algorithm and a strong password and must be unlocked each time before the data can be accessed.

I make very brief factual notes from our sessions. These are logged in date order and only identifiable by your initials. These notes are kept for 7 years, in accordance with regulations, and are also stored in the encrypted, password protected file system.

You may make a Subject Access Request to access your personal data, which I would need to respond to within 30 days.

Data Retention / Deletion

All emails are sent and received by ProtonMail which offers end to end encryption (if your email service supports this) and is one of the most secure email services available. All emails stored on my computer are also kept within the encrypted and password protected file system.

As advised by my professional insurance the factual session notes will be kept securely in case of them being required for legal claims.

Data Sharing

The work we do together is confidential. There are certain legal exceptions to confidentiality agreements in therapy and in rare cases I reserve the right to waive the confidentiality agreement (for example if I believe a third party to be in danger) I would let you know if this was necessary and aim to discuss this with you first.